Settings – Possible Sites

The site I have selected for my “Settings” project is West Bar at UniSA’s City West Campus. West Bar is UniSA’s student bar, situated on North Terrace in Adelaide. The heritage listed building features two stories and a beer garden. The bar is quite eclectic and no distinct unifying theme through out the space. The walls and carpets are dark and the general lighting is warm.

Generally exhibitions are held on the second level where they have site-specific lighting. The dark walls and large empty space (hole) pose challenges to “filling up” the second level with work. Nevertheless, the second level features some interesting spaces for some 3D work:

Second Level at WestBar
Second Level at WestBar

IMG_1090The mezzanine (behind the lights) could be a really interesting space for interactive works, as it can be accessed from the stairs and either sides of the second level. The two other spaces inside that have are interesting to me, are the two corner spots (left and right of the mezzanine on the other side of the railings). These spaces would suit more conventional 3D works, activating the viewer would pose a challenge, but the fact that there is a physical barrier (the railing) that stops the viewers from interacting with the work creates an interesting dimension.

The other site that poses interesting possibilities is a space in the beer garden.

Possible site in West Bar beer garden
Possible site in West Bar beer garden

Situated slightly lower than the rest of the beer garden, with a couch against a wall, the space is framed by an emergency staircase, garden beds and a steel structure. The leather couch creates a set vantage point from where the installation can be experienced – the stairs and steel frames offer plenty of space and levels to hang work from.


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