Process – Experiments with Materials


I took The olive plantation and abstracted it further into rough shapes with hues selected from the painting. The tubular elements in the painting gave me the idea to create concrete tubes to depict the rolling hills that are so apparent in Black’s painting.

I collected discarded bicycle tubes from cycle stores in Adelaide and started experimenting with different shapes. I wanted to use concrete to relate back to the Dorrit Black building, but the concrete was almost impossible to poor, and then once set, was too brittle within the tube. I researched different fibres and strengtheners  – but the costs would have been too high.

I opted to use plaster instead. IMG_1311 IMG_1314 IMG_1313

The plaster, though still delicate (depending on the shapes) would work, that as was clear from these images above, I would have to make sure that I get all the air out of the tubes after pouring.

Moving from cement to plaster started to shift my concept as well – instead of using a modernist material, I was now using a more contemporary material, which pushed me to push my interpretation of Black’s piece as well. Instead of doing a 3D interpretation of a 2D work using modernist materials, I decided to make a contemporary interpretation of The olive plantation

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