Site Selection – “This is my resolution”

As my concept centres around interpreting a Dorrit Black piece within the Dorrit Black building, I would like my final installation to respond directly to the space within which I install it.

There were two sites of particular interest: The Rood Terrace

IMG_1326The Roof Terrace is a square site (roughly 10m squared as per floor pans) located on Level 7. I couldn’t get access to the space on the day, but as it is surrounded by windows it was easy to get a sense for the space. Things to consider if I choose this space would be, weather – this will impact how viewers interact with the work, as well as the materials used for the install. For example: I won’t be able to do projection mapping (see below).


The second site I considered was the studio on level three… The shape of the studio with the angles of the walls relate well to Dorrit Black’s The olive plantation that I’m planning on interpret. Using the elements inside the space (actual parts [plinths, chairs and tables] OF Dorit Black Building to interpret a Dorit Black piece) brings a nice integrity or conversation to the piece. I couldĀ even do projection mapping on some of the plinths or walls.

In the end I opted for the “Roof Terrace” as the Studio on Level 3 was already booked out for a Design subject presentation.

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